Welcome to Crest31, the arts and style blog center of Global Crest, LLC — Your media source for fine arts and style
entertainment for your life-style. My name is Christi Pemberton, Founder of Global Crest and Crest31 blogger. I created this blog to be a center of information, news, and trends connected in today’s world of art and style. Global Crest currently has a fine arts and style show site called Diamond Cinema Gallery, which will have another location and domain soon, so please stay tuned to Crest31 for announcements on that.

Christi Pemberton, Founder of Global Crest


The Connoisseur

Reed Horth of Robin Rile Fine Arts Gallery is our featured Art Connoisseur who shares his great insight on a recent controversial Salander case of extreme fine art fraud, which has rocked today’s art world. Reed provides detailed overview of the case with a sharp eye for how we as collectors, buyers, and fine art supporters can protect ourselves when loaning our fine artworks to a gallery. This is advised reading for serious collectors who                                                                   are thinking of exhibiting their work at a gallery. Click here to view the full article.

Dubai Art Market

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is making a huge splash as a 21st century art capital. It has been stated that the path to its current height as a fine art and design area is 45 years in the making. Such annual events as ArtDubai draws collectors, buyers, curators, and others deep in the art market industry or enthusiasts flock to Dubai from around the world to attend. The purchase results of fine art at Art Dubai is quite impressive and the art market development does now show signs of slowing down any time soon. Click here for  more information on Art Dubai. Also see the extraordinary Saadiyat Island Cultural District…prepare to be in awe. <br>

Call for Galleries and Artists

Your artwork, gallery, and artistic talent deserve only the finest promotion. You offer a truly valuable gift to the world through artistic expression and revealing the creative genius that the human race possesses. The finest may be seen as unattainable…until now. Our Signature Collection of personalized portfolio video galleries spotlight you and your artwork that will create an unforgettable impression upon potential buyers, collectors, and exhibit organizers. Click here to view the fine arts promotion center of Global Crest to learn more about the Signature Collection and other services in virtual events hospitality and featured advertising space in our online Diamond Cinema preview gallery. <br><br>


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